Letra de Wallop
Wallop, he's gone down, wallop he's gone down

Now once there was a boxing match, and both the boys was up to scratch
One had the chat and all of the lip, but the bloke with the poke said he would put the lip to kip
The lip shouted come on son, I'll have this fight in one
The lip danced all around the boxing ring
But he poked his chin too far in and a big left hook on the chin he took and wallop!
He's gone down

They goes and builds a rocket ship, and three blokes they pushed inside of it
They counted down the fuse was lit, they said send it up best of luck lunatics
They told them boys you'll soon adjust, just bring us back some lunar dust
The captain he shouted down when they got there, ain't it hot in here, I need some air
He's pulled the latch and opened the hatch and wallop!
He's gone down

Wallop he's gone down, wallop he's gone down
Wallop he's gone down, wallop he's gone down

One day I thought I'd have a bet, although I never been lucky yet
" Musn't Grumble" was the name of the horse
And the bloke from the stables said He's gonna win of course
I listened to the radio, the commentator said hello, here they come over the final fence
All of a jumble neck and neck but Musn't Grumble took a tumble and wallop!
He's gone down

I parks me lorry round the back, I goes indoors to have a snack
All of a sudden I hears a noise, I thought oh no here we go them bleeding boys
I ran outside got hold of this yob, I says to him you wanna job
It's you that keeps sodding about with my back lights
He started to holler let go of me collar, he gives me a smack I hit him back and wallop!
He's gone down