Letra de Zenica Blues
The woman in a seat near you is talking to herself.
Fine - she says - all right.
Just don't touch.
All eyes turn to you and you also turn to see who's at fault.
Ashamed, you turn back, biting your shoulder.
You feel the weight of the girl sitting next to you, the warmth of her shoulder.
You find yourself in the toilet with a Sarajevo rocker - Jewish - and while you take a leak together you bond in perfect male solidarity:
That's how it is, says the Jewish guy.
And you nod even though it isn't like that.
Nothing's for sure except two circumcisions by the flushing bowl.
Without you everything in this town will still be the same.
Or almost - you reassure yourself.
So remember a few details, and all the instances that mercilessly surround your awkwardness:
the clash of teeth in a kiss, for instance...