Letra de Mi Nuera
I. "My beautiful daugher-in-law,
embroider the waists of our blouses.
Your peers have already done this,
and you're just lying there sleeping."
"I have no light, nor anyone to give it to me.
My mother-in-law is killing me with screams!"

II. Once there was a priest lying sick in bed.
In the middle of the night, he called to his maid:
"Bring me a pitcher, there's no water."
She went to the fountain and was bitten by a frog.
And in nine months she bore a tiny child who lack nothing, not even a cassock.

III. The bride bathes and her suitors rejoice.
What do brides deserve?
I'll tell you:
white bread, a bed of roses, a beautiful chicken.
I'm telling you!