Give Him A Little Time Letra

Charming Hostess

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Letra de Give Him A Little Time
"Did you really mean it?"
"I don't say what I don't mean."
Then she turned her eyes away,
she didn't want for him to see her.
Now he starts drinking.
"Not again" is what she's thinking.
"Maybe I should leave and wait this coming storm out at my sisters."
Give him a little time.
He'll take your time,
he'll take it all,
he'll take your lifetime.
Just needs a little work.
He'll take your love,
he'll take it all,
now he's your life's work.
Almost out the backdoor--"Bitch!
Where do you think you're you going?"
Slaps her face so hard she's seeing stars.
The next blow sets her reeling.
She's pinned to the floor, legs spread,
eyes closed, thinking
"Tomorrow will be different,
things are always different then..."
Blackened eye and swelled lip,
bruised thighs, bruised hip--
"Maybe I should leave him--" give him a little time
"Maybe now's the time to--" give him a little time