With You Forever Letra

Charm Farm

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Letra de With You Forever
Despite our many differences, I will take a chance
And dream of dusty moments, a movie star romance
If ever I could tear you from your nightmare to my dream
I'd smash you bedroom window, and I'd muffle your soft scream
If ever I were sure of you, the way I'm sure of me,
I'd trap you in my arms, and I would be-

With you forever, with you forever, and ever.

Now I walk the borderline, against a sky of stone
I wish you were beside me now, but I know that I'm alone
Maybe I should leave you now, maybe I should stay
It matters more than trauma, it's the passion, not the play
I've made a million promises, I'll break a million more,
And set the lens upon so I'll be

With you forever, with you forever, and ever...

The bad machine's upon you, and it's me
And it's me. and I'll be. and I'll be...

With you forever, with you forever and ever...