Letra de Terminal
Makes me want to break down and cry, But I'm just happy the man's alive
Times is running out my friend
Will you be happy again

Do you feel what I feel? and do you see what I see as real?
Then you're not crazy or blind...

Makes me want to get up and scream,
Wake you out of your troubled dream
Try... I try, but what's the use?
I'll thank the skies for this abuse

It's all right to need more. and it's all right to not be quite sure,
You've got a feeling that's pure, not terminal...

I watched my father as he disappears from the world, and
I watched my mother break down in tears, like a little girl
But I swear to god that I will never surrender one fucking smile,
Not because I'm strong, or because it's wrong,
But I'm my father's child...

Makes me want to break down, and cry,
But I refuse, I'm gonna try
Now I'm wondering what to do -
I wonder if I'll be you

Life isn't what it used to be. It never was, not that I see -
Everyone dies, its all the same... we're all terminal