Kill My Mother Letra

Charly Garcia

El Aguante

Letra de Kill My Mother
Kill my mother
kill the floor
kill the refrigerator
say no more
But don’t kill me
don’t kill me
don’t kill me
I may be stupid
I used to be the person
I used to live like a child
to understand my only illusion
I undertand the reason why
I give you my world
but you just want to kill me
It’s not only love
no no no it’s me baby
It’s me what you’r looking for
Please stop killing me
I give you a world
I give you everything I have
I give you everything you need
It’s only love
don’t kill me
You see me on the street
you always act surprise
you say how are you, good luck
but you don’t mean it
Well, I wish just for just one time
you can stand inside my shoes
don’t you understand
It’s not my problem
Voy a hacer un agujero en Europa.
Voy a tener una chica que me lave la ropa solo a mí