Tragic Accident Letra


Tragic Accident

Letra de Tragic Accident
Angel, late last night
Doctor called, bad news
Condition critical
No, it doesn't look good-

Tragic accident, Interstate Ninety-Five
Running from those things you can never escape

Nicki, I never understood why you lost your confidence
Such a pretty girl, pretty eyes that seem to smile
Come on, put on your clothes
I'm getting you out of this place
And that stuff in your nose wont make you feel more connected

How you supposed to feel?
When the distance in you grows??

Tiger in a cage,
Round and round the bars go-

Sister, don't you cry
We'll be just fine
We'll open up the good wine,
have a drink,
Oh we will drink tonight-

I'll always have a record to write and you always
had a life,

Maybe that's just what she knew,
She knew, deep inside

(Thanks to marc for these lyrics)