The Opium Farmer Letra


Tragic Accident

Letra de The Opium Farmer
He lived in a cottage close to the sea
He raised his family on profits from the poppies perfumed
On the mountain beyond

Every day he awoke with the dawn
He set to the fields,
blood on his hands
and the stones,
his Fathers bore-

My light, my love, my only Son
Just give me your life

Then one night by candlelight
He kissed the Koran
Then his wife
and made for the road
to Palestine-
He met the people he needed to meet
There were cells in Hamburg
If He'll fly
the friendly skies

Glory is not
For Free

Take them by surprise

gonna get real high
Cut the flower with the knife

Mohamed never felt so good
Catch a bus in Jerusalem
Gonna strap that shit around his waist
Gonna buy his way into martyrdom
Yeah martyrdom
Yeah martyrdom
Yeah martyrdom

My light, my love, my only son
Glory is not for free

Your life for mine


(Thanks to marc for these lyrics)