I Lost My Baby Letra


Tragic Accident

Letra de I Lost My Baby
Valentine, wasted again
Rollin with the Vampires
Well, they're my friends
Arrested in motion, more salt for my emotion
I cried in the shower
I don't want to make a whisper now

I lost my baby, the only one I could turn to for a hug
I lost my baby and I miss, I miss her so much

People look down on me
You can't conceal mockery
It descends into your eyes
I see it every time
Condescension, easy when, you think about me
Yeah, I know it but would you suffer this fool more easily,
If I told you,

I lost my baby, the only one I ever really loved
I lost my baby and I don't know if I'll ever get over it
She's out there somewhere, I wonder if she feels the way I...

They say that love is just a silly game
I played my game and now I'm on the streets
Where the cool kids never meet

No Love on the horizon
The message is quite clear
I have the right to remain silent
I think I'll use my right
I lost my baby
I don't know where to go
I lost my baby
I miss her so much...

(Thanks to marc for these lyrics)