Moodswings (To Come At Me Like That) Letra

Charlotte Church

Tissues And Issues

Letra de Moodswings (To Come At Me Like That)
Now first of all I want to let you to know that
I've been known for some minor
mood swings now and then
It all started back when people
were doing me wrong
And because of my position I would
Hold my tongue for then
Bad relationships and people I thought were friends
And people judging me
Before they get to know a thing
When you decide to step to me,
It shows me so clearly
You just want to see, see the other side of me

And you don't know what I'm going through
And you might think it's all about you
But it's everything I've been holding back
It's just bad timing to come at me like that

I try to keep my cool, thus, that's what I try to do
But it's so hard dealing with people just like you
I try to walk away from situations that run
Into complications that make me loose control
If I give in to you then it's what you want me to do
And if I loose my cool then I'm only pleasing you
You know just how to push me,
My temperature is rising
Blood pressure is building, I'm about to loose control

I'm sorry, did I cross the line?
I tried to warn you away
Way ahead of time
I'm so frustrated I feel like I could cry
This could be the time
But I'm not going out like that