Letra de Garden Blues
These flowers keep coming up dead
In this cheap ass garden bed
And I always have to buy more seeds
Cause Jack's been making lumber from the trees

Oh lord almighty, I got them olive garden blues

And here I am, trying to rest my weary bones
In a greenhouse effect, where I live all by myself
It ain't never been easy to make it through the week
When the supervisor thinks he's always getting screwed

So while you're all breaking bread
With your family and your friends
Hope you remember where it came from
All these long hard days of working in the sun

Oh lord almighty, I got them olive garden blues
From my head down to my shoes

Now it looks like I'm gonna get fired
When the rooster crows at dawn
They'll be singing songs in a discord choir
At the church on the corner of jesus' lawn

And I'll sacrifice it all for lent
At least I'll never have to pay no rent
And these olive garden blues from hell
I can see 'em all wash away

Oh lord almighty, won't you save me before I die
From the olive garden, olive garden blues

Yeah, I been working too long now