Would You Love Me Any Less Letra

Charlie Simpson

Long Road Home

Letra de Would You Love Me Any Less
We kept our heads down,
We moved through the water's wake.
We lay still
Until winter had worn off.
There were cold winds
Bringing storms together.
There were black clouds
Over rainbows.
We could see the messages
Etched on the fence posts
From those summer nights
When we slept outside,
Under starlight.

Would you love me any less
If my eyes became weak?
If I could no longer hear you speak?

Would you love me any less?
You were born with an honest heart,
And it carried me from the start.

It kept our skin warm
As we walked on the old rail tracks.
The sun beat misty heat
Down on our backs.
There was nothing
That could ever change us.
There were picture frames
On the window sill
With an image of us
Looking so still.
I guess I thought
That we'd be here forever.

Would you love me any less
If my lungs became weak?
If I had lost the strength to eat?

Oh my, oh my,
Would you walk on holy water?
Oh my, oh my,
Could you walk through bricks and mortar?