Letra de Wait For Me
We walked beneath the winter sky.
It was brighter than a mother's eyes.
We were drunk and singing out of time
To the carnival songs.

But I've been cursed with a devil's heart
And a human mind that falls apart,
So forgive me when I look in your eyes
And tell you it's fine.

So long, my dear,
Oh, I will find you in another life.
So long, my dear.
If only I'd found you at another time.

There were whispers in the darkness
As the light made its way through the trees.
Won't you wait for me?
Won't you wait for me?

'Cause we are the ones,
We are the ones
Letting go. Tonight,
We are the ones.

Walk until the morning.

The evolution of our white lies to sin.
And so, the corruption of our hearts begins.
A thief has stole the light from your soul now,
And shadows his tears.

I never set out to hurt or maim,
But now your heart's left with a bunch of my pain.
And though I turned you away from me, dear,
It kept us the same.

Don't make a sound --
I'll wait around for you now.
I'm hoping that I will see
You in the morning.

Oh, when the morning comes.

Oh, when the sun comes out.

Oh, when the light comes out.