Letra de Forty Thieves
Oh, my body is toxic.
And now there's visitors
Living in my veins yet.
I'm just a host
In their selfish games.

Oh, God,
Where are you now?
I thought you loved us all the same.

I was up
Looking for you all night.
I'm sure I heard your voice
In the darkness.
I was up
Looking for you all night,
'Cause you know
You are the fortress that I am bound to.

Oh, I was shattered
When I found you.
And though your skin was white,
There were crystal lines running
Between your lips
And down through your spine.
There was
Nothing in your eyes
That I could recognize,
For the pain you left,
I hope you made it there.

It's funny how the simplest things
Are often the hardest.
But all I ever wanted was to love you.