Letra de Crosses
We walked all night
Behind the train tracks,
Looking at all the people
Rushing through
The insignificance we hide.
Oh, and the summer,
It burned
Down on my obsession with you.
I will never be alone.

And I won't ever see
Forgiveness in the
Eyes of the ones I see,
'Cause they're not enough.
And Lord knows
That the crosses we keep
Are the ones we bear.
Lord, He knows,
That you're the one
Who's holding me.

We called ourselves
Yet all we do is
Follow each other 'round.
It's so intoxicating.

Are we all the same,
But just different enough
To not be afraid
Of everyone
Around us?

I never meant to hurt you.
I only wanted to see enough
Of the pain we lost before.
'Cause he played you out for
Only one.
It's a shame
That you don't hear me.
You never did
Listen to me anymore.
It was always to make sense.