Letra de Blood
Blood's on your hands.
Blood is no good
Without a heart to move 'round.

Blood's on your conscience,
And it won't come off easy,
So just take your time.

For all of the days that you asked
To keep me under,
I never thought you would.
Well, I never knew what to say,
But you never listened anyway.

My, my,
You told me that you tried,
But looking at you know,
I think we know that that's a lie.
Well, oh no,
Just walk away slow.
I'm praying for the rain to come back.

So long,
We have to move on.
The harvest was so weak
We lost the cotton and the corn.
A dry spell;
No water in the well,
And I am still so weak
From all the tears I've weeped.

Blood's on my hands --
Blood is my treasure
For which I must pay.

It's filled with deceit.
Each time we meet,
We give ourselves away.

Blood is on our hands
And all I can do is just
Wait for you to come 'round
And save me.