Letra de Loser
I'm not leaving out this motherfuckin both till I get this shit right

How does it feel to wake up to the feeling
knowing that I don't give a fuck wat u feeling
I didn't know my life was so appealing
so high that I'm touch the ceiling
looking down at her with the attitude of imis
you nappy hoes can't find us
I'm just
mad at the fact you tried to blind side us
Lieing to yourself like you can ever out shine us
you can lick my nuts while I'm playing primus
then wake up tied up
to the back of the fire bus
why must
niggas ever doubt Mr. Hamilton
wildin, written singing or free styling
I'm doin the music you should be zooted to boom
if you could do it man I'm sure you would be doing it too
but this is a gift giving to him for Christmas
so in the event you think different dismiss it,bitches.

I once was the loser
now I'm older still the same loser
that's y I look so different to ya
you see the past I see the future
now my bars is off the chain
everybody know my name
ain't no more things around me change
you know who's gonna stay the same
gone stay the same.

It's all about the Benjamins baby
but I been having different sentiments lately
do think these listen when they play me
have you heard the bullshit these niggas making
what's even more bullshit these niggas cakin
they think so limited
they be giving it 80% of them maybe
but take a nerd that only listen to shady
Jadakiss and them with a little AZ,
James Charles, Smith, Nas with a little bit of Jay Z
Incubus car system and ac/dc
along with a couple pounds of that he-mi
maybe you can considerably be me
but I think I made it sound to damn easy
I don't know what you think you doin
but it ain't rapping you hiding behind the mic
like jermaine jackson
lights,camera, action


Yo kirk, pass me the Jesus juice
so I can get deep up in these beats like roots
this isnt a verse man this is beat abuse
tape up the microphone before I leave the booth
I'm a beast in booths a nightmare
in nike airs a nice dream of ice creams
the nike fiene rakim rockin light pink
I'll leave Harlem MC's running
quick to give em light feet
no a g involved just me involved
me and my MGM squad demevolist I kno you see them dog
niggaz wanna beat us up they girl beat us off
married to the game not no prenup ya'll
lifes a bitch yea she a beat up dog
quick to wife her no reason shorty got her teeth up dog
before the bitch try to eat up Charles, I throw her
a fuckin peanut jar tell her feast up broad
you see I got my feet up doll illest rapper that you seen thust far
fuck ya'll I'm nice as fuck ya'll so fuck em all