Letra de Brighter Days
I think i got a complex, cuz most of my thinking is complex
but most of u think thats nonsense, my music is honest reflective of the thoughts i get
let me run it back if u lost the concept, i wont heart for no glory, like newest gossip
this life is the illest movie you can watch yet, got to make sure all your moves are constant
or lose your franchise like the houston rockets, if you dont understand it than use some context
clues to comprehand the news i got yes, dudes could plot but i move so goddam smooth
im a rumor the newest lockness monster, i aint commercial no sponsor no promotion overflowing no concerts
just me and the beat read it and weep, the only nigga writing rhymes on my team roll deep in a jeep
music on my mind, they OD on the free ya i know they looking at me like he is a geek
but my goal to win a grammy cant be easily reached, so if u are and if you aint beliving in me

My ladybug said that i hide behind music, i said hell ya bitch why would i do it for any other reason
i am not stupid, you wont be on my dick if my rhymes were not fluent, do u love charles, did u cuff her
nah i just fucked her raw busted a nut across her fucking stomach, took out some more records and dust them off
made a beat and wrote about 100 bars why u cant fuck with charles, charles theres cum on my stomach, im busy
bitch wipe it off with your fucking bra, and if you dont like it, dont give me a fucking call
fuck school fuck work fuck the law fuck rules fuck church fuck it all fuck your monogony i fucked your girl
my lifestyle needs a lifestyle fuck the world fuck your morailty fuck what you stand for fuck your opinion
fuck what your man thought i dont need shit but my fucking pink jam sports so fuck you stuck up niggas
get fucked with a tampon i love pink i dont give a fuck about Camron and if i should get fucked up

(Thanks to NoctheniK for these lyrics)