Charles Hamilton Best Blogger Alive (Shadows Lullaby) Letra

Charles Hamilton

StH4: Shadow The Hamilton

Letra de Charles Hamilton Best Blogger Alive (Shadows Lullaby)
Sometimes I have to go back and forth just so I can stand still, you feel me?

I’ll write you on my torch, hopefully you won’t get lost
By my lyrical hit and turns
I ain’t even body slamming, I’m just trying to show y’all I be damming
No to deserves damming.
Damage is all I’m gonna bring, can it be the new form of anisty
Can it, please?
I don’t even want war, I don’t want more than I deserve and I deserve it all.
I’d gave my life just to live for you to enjoy, I won’t ignore you
I’ll listen until you push me into the point that I gotta explore
New ways that I can bring pain to these names,
I’m undisputed like thin rains and I don’t do such blame things.
Whatever, they’d just get it.

Best blogger alive.
Best blogger alive.
Best blogger alive.

You want the truth? Charles Hamilton dot blogspot dot com, that’s the spot
I say what I mean and I feel what I say, so I mean that I’m real when I say what I say
Lay in my grave, come back, I was just napping,
Often say at these kids, fuck napping.
Imma stay away as long as I can, as strong as I am,
That’s why nobody wanna do a song with you, man.
I ain’t mad, I ain’t pissed, I am glad that this is the shit that I have been presented with
Bring it to the table all your lies and your fables
And get a rock to your head like Abel.
So fuck moving, I can’t. Ain’t nobody moving my name
Charles Hamilton, I rock a new pink republican,
That’s why I don’t move it, it came.

Best blogger alive.
Best blogger alive.
Best blogger alive.

If you don’t feel me, then you are dumb,
How come I can make four rounds in a day?
What they meaning, hey, fucking way to move a sample,
You dudes can handle that.
Damn, that’s whack, everything I do, man, stand right back.
‘cause I left you a few bars ago, you knew the scars and flows that I’ve come with
Ain’t no dumb shit.
Any looper dumb kid I can make some dumb shit, dump quick,
You are now numb awake.
That paint knowledge that I bring, I don’t need college.
But I went to Sullivan, aka you want free college
That’s why I showed you how you want me
I’m too smart, babe.
It’s how I live.

Best bagger alive. Blogger, sorry
Best blogger alive.