Windows Media Player Letra

Charles Hamilton

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Letra de Windows Media Player
[Verse 1:]
Somewhere on a Desktop [? ] is a zip file mixtape of the next pop kid
Let's not kid ourselves be clear, you see me here I run zshare
And mega upload, with my forever steppin' up flow
Just know I'm just waking up so...
When I yawn, ya'll get more
Not feelin' how I explore Alt-F4
No one can tell me what I can and can not do Tell me, 'be quiet' and I'll holla like Yahoo
Pause, just incase you got bloggers
Who wanna sit behind keys and start problems
I made the beat, all praise to me
I'm tying my windows, not afraid to peek
So log on like a Jamaican Dance, and download me
Go ahead, take the chance

Charles Hamilton dot blog spot dot com
The Amy Rose dot blog spot dot com
Myspace dot com slash Hamilton's music
I am not Charles Hamilton dot com
Charles Hamilton dot blog spot dot com
The Amy Rose dot blog spot dot com
Charles Hamilton dot blog spot dot com
I Shut The Game Down Again

[Verse 2:]
Can't nobody stop me, I'm sorry
I was raised in the concrete safari
You other clowns got hate in your blood
You talk that new shit with Windows 98 in your blood, What
I don't need some new fans endorsement
I'm endorsed by these mad important
Cats with more than enough to buy your life
But I'm wireless, and your mice
No strings attached when I sling my raps
Real [? ] when I bring the FAQ's
Seen in your favorite magazine with a great pose
Cause I don't pose
Cause I hate pose... ers
Except for one photoshoot
For Complex, what the heck was I supposed to do
I had fun, I acted mad young
I was flyer than the rest of the them
Why am I addressin 'em


You ain't catch when I said I put my mack down Like I got a girl's top on my lap now
That was mad hot and mad foul
Now that I said it on here, think back now
Mac lip gloss... Mac laptop
Girl's top on my lap, that's mad hot... Wow
How arrogant of me to explain a hot bar from a track I did for free
Sorry [? ] I thought they took care of that shit I hope [? ] don't think I did some wack shit
I know how some cats don't play favorites but I need a favor, a'ight okay player
Tell every one to stop putting up [? ] posts Before I find the IP address and straight ghost... them
Kill 'em and send them a virus
Let me chill before they hack my girls sidekick It's Charles Hamilton