An Angles Anneurism (Pleasant Overthinking Pt. 2) Letra

Charles Hamilton

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Letra de An Angles Anneurism (Pleasant Overthinking Pt. 2)
Thinking out loud, laying on a cloud.
There's only 10 clouds (right?), and one of which you're not allowed.
Who can stop me now?
Watching the ground from a place called now.
Even as an old poster, you can't take Charles down.
If this was a bicycle sale (buy sickle cell), shop around.
Find a cure for whatever sickness you wish was not a-round.
Or does sickness only love richness?
I guess a bugged sentence from me is the degree of a bugged chemist.
Too bad I never went to school for my gifts.
The role of a king. The tools of a prince.
Flow of a sink. I move with a twist.
Clothes mostly pink. Shoes that can fit.
That's all I need to be seen by the naked eye.
ALL of me can be seen as forsaken time.
Cause I have waited. Been Violated.
Even before the finer days find a way to become MY days.

Too verbose, I suppose.
Close to the throne, but given less hope when alone.
When I get letters from fans that say my sh1t helps them get better,
It makes me deal with this sh1t better.
Memories creeping in to the present time.
Going through hell, paying for a check that Heaven signed that bounced.
I submitted a song to God but couldn't tell her what the record was behind the bounce.
Told her "Relax. I can find it out."
She didn't like my tone. It was time to get out.
Well God, I'm sorry. I found it.
It's called "Always". By a group named "All Days"
So It wasn't a fluke. I really love you.
You might think it's life. It's really us two.
I don't know what's left to say.
Why don't I let the hook be the collection plate?

It's like when Jay said "I jack, I rob, I sin"
I'm an iMac. iPod. 3rdGen.
Cause I rap like I got iGin.
The digital liquor that I share with my friends.
My bad. I rock. Nice chin.
Well I'm Jab. I box. Tyson.
Try jabs. I block. I win.
I'm Zab. Why not? Fight him.
Cause I black. I'm hot. I'm sick.
I tried crack, tried pot, it's quite grim.
But life has my spot right in the sky.
That's why God asked men to be nice cats.
Guys, stop lyin.
I fight class. Might not, might win.
But my might is why the liars are frightened.
The terror alert has been heightened.
For those that say they don't like him.
I enjoy what I do. It's like probiking.
I would still be this driven with no stipend.
In touch with my own spirits. I'll ghostwriting.

So fast I broke lightning with no writing. Started writing, paper now won't go by him.

Anytime I'm sittin alone, I simply get in the zone, no need to pick up the phone and get to driftin.
When nobody's around, I just listen to sound, think of verbs and nouns and put it in a sentence.
When I get in the mood, this the thing that I do, and I give it to you just so you can listen.
And I won't stop for a minute.
And I won't stop for a minute.