After This Shut Up Letra

Charles Hamilton

Crash Landed

Letra de After This Shut Up
Charles Hamilton
Benevolous music group
vinyl pop incorperated
Howard Berg CEO of benevolous inc
Charles Hamilton President of Benevolous inc
yo ace you wanna help me out here you wanna help me talk this knowledge

i'm in the booth .... splash
still workin out with no sixpack
did ya get that sick rap
is all i'm tryin to spit that
is a fact
i've been sleepin on a matras
that is what i call a music bed
let this verse abuse ya head
yall dudes is dead i aint tryin to do hand shakes
i can't wait
ya man hate.. ya man die
everytime ya man lie.. can't stand how i can be the man behind it
i never get blinded or blind sided thirty years olds tryin to do what i did in the future you mus be the suicide kid but you don't know what suicide is
that's tryin your luck
i don't even wanna talk to you
i'm writin for shots for the fuck of it
coming up with new phrases
i'm on the new stage sonic on new stages

coming back to the sound of the 808
this is pain you can't take away
that hate just made my day
you 2 bit you stupid throwin darts like you cupid
you ruthless never
only when i take your top off
got problems than pop off
ya girl wanna top off
my cock is like hot sauce
sprayin on her food
decayin on the rules
niggas is dead you heard what i said
i'm a bird in the air got a bird in my hand
when i'm flyin
so high i am
the reason why clothes don't need to iron...
still straight
kill plates
nobody gon kill H
splittin down the middle
if you want
it's still symmetrical
let ya know
i got the best flow from here to mexico
still landin on the border
a scorer
some old broad her
she not a amora
she's more like a hamilton
still standin next ta him hand in hand with him
talk to m H

y'all niggas sound like disney with raps
Mickey with facts
spittin ya crack
see i tried to not be
cocky as backwards
but now I see
i gotta be them i c d
champion intercontinental
flying like continential
but i'm delta bring that helter skelter
bring any beef i will melt ya
filet mingon after stake on my plate
i aint made a mistake just yet
if i make a mistake than nigga bet like BET easily you get whacked you can just drown in my tears i got the sound for years down here
how beautiful my nuts sack
yáll niggas ride around
with a buss pass fuck that
i should be the one you congratulate my nature
i graduated i hate ya
angel droppen navigator and im still droppin stars killin bars aint nobody feel it chall
i might as well bein killin y'alls
awkwardness hangin never will i be talkin to feds guess my lawyer got this shit down packed
i'm a round like pac 2
act 2

(Thanks to Charles for these lyrics)