Deflagration Of Violence Letra


Hyper Martyrium

Letra de Deflagration Of Violence
Tone up the total hate, trash prevents our pride from following
Will of power and it's tremendous impetuosity
We were been chosen
Decline, weakness, degeneration and pity will be killed
By the exciting flagellation age under the great Rome
We're men begot by cannons of destruction
The imperious truth for the future
The divine deflagration of violence

Eagles on our helmets will make reign real honesty and brave
Raining blood from the sky means our divinity
It will eat the forbidden fruit to gain an explosion brighter than
Thousand thunderbolt of father
Enters persistence against the mediocrity than rules the world
Our brains are infinitely developed and ready to conquer
The marvellous golden dawn of the new ebullience
From dictation of brutal will of chase

It's the Roman impudent aggression
Devastating duty
Amazing pandemonium
Of our upsetting suppression

Our plans are advanced
Fitful at full speed like
Blitzkrieg smoking earthquake
It's the ultra violence bite