The Poet Is Rapist Letra

Cecil Otter

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Letra de The Poet Is Rapist
This is a poem celebrating the realization that poems
aren't going to change anything and im still writing anyways
but they aint gonna change this mean, crazy fucked up and down world of shit and more shit
now, on the brighter side of the landscape
we have of course the prospect
that this poem will become an active member of the curriculum of 8th grade english classes
and when the teacher says my name
everyone will smile real pretty and say that i was a good guy
man i could change this world if these assholes gave me the chance
everything starts out small see, but i ain't gonna stay small
like if your reading this here piece of shit, now i'm making progress ain't i?
and even if you decide wipe your ass with this work of art, man
im glad to be of service
that's why i'm here
look, the poet uses words like you use spit or vasoline or crisco
so i rub these words on a page and you slowly take them in
it's quite literally getting fucked by letters
the vowels and the smaller shafted consonants are
fairly easy to take even for the more tight-assed amongst you
while other bigger, wider, consonants require in some cases the use of drugs and poppers
feelin' it inside yet, huh?
its hot, wet, sloppy, slimy, scummy, suckable, poem
slipped into a prophylactic with a french tickler made of razorblades
being jammed up your asshole
and you stop fighting and were almost enjoying it
until this madman decided to piss up your ass
and you began to taste it and it came out your mouth
and then he started kissing you settin up a cycle to keep it flowing
forever and ever and ever and ever

the poet fucking the reader
the poet pissing in readers mouth
kissing and drinking his own words
he gets more turned on
you get harder and the scene get wilder
for those still horny for more
the poet is rapist
looking to get into something will hurt you if necessary so just cooperate and you'll be better off
i want you to look at this fucking poem
look at it
look at it again, real long, huh?
now go ahead and relax and see how easy it is the second time
go ahead good, good,
i told you, im glad to be of service...

forever and ever and ever