A Montage, Part 1: Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love Letra

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Letra de A Montage, Part 1: Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love
Hello Twelve,
Hello Thirteen,
Hello Love.
Changes, Oh!

Down below.
Up above.
Time to doubt.
To break out.
It's a mess.
It's a mess.
Time to grow
Time to go
Too young to take over,
Too old to ignore.
Gee, I'm almost ready,

But what for
There's a lot I am not certain of.
Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love

So, all I could do was drink the water
And I drank like twenty glasses a day.

For three weeks
I almost drown
Finally I went to confession
And I told the priest I had gonorrhea!
He was in shock too.

"Who have you been with, my son"
(Nobody, Nobody.)
"Then how can you have gonorrhea"

I told him about the books diagnosis
For milky discharge and he set me straight!
It was the only time the church ever helped me out.
Well, I was
Four-foot ten, four-foot ten. That's the story of my life.
I remember when ev'rybody was my size.

Boy, was that great!
But then everybody started moving up,
And there I was stuck at

Four-foot ten!
Four-foot ten.
(But I kept hoping and praying.)

I used to hang from a parallel bar by the hour,
Hoping I'd stretch just an inch more.

'Cause I was into dancing
And I was good
And I wanted so much to grow up to be a prima ballerina.
Then I went out for cheer-leader!
And they told me, "No dice.
You'd get lost on the football field.
The pompoms are bigger than you."
I spent my whole childhood waiting to grow

Tits! When am I gonna grow tits
Secret, my whole life was a secret.
One little fart and they called me "stinky" for three year. Oh!
Goodbye Twelve, goodbye Thirteen. Hello Love.
Robert Goulet, Robert Goulet, my God, Robert Goulet!

Oh! Down below, up above
Playing doctor with Evelyn.
La la la
I'll show you mine
La la
You show me yours.
La la

Seeing Daddy naked!
Time to grow.
Time to go La, la, la
Mom and Dad were doing it.
I'm gonna be a movie star.
But you see, the only thing about me that grew was my desire.

I was never gonna be Maria Tallchief,
I was just (dialogue dodging the age issue,
But mentions the year of the Chicken)

Ah-hah, the year of the
Chicken that'll make you, what Thirty-two

Puck-puck-puck-puck girl!
So I got caught!
But I don't look it,
And I shouldn't knock it,
'cause I've always been able to work.

From the time I was five in "King and I," "King and I."
Up 'til now I've never stopped, 'cause whatever I am, I am