Letra de 5am In London
Called some shit that I wanna address
Lower issues that been sitting upon on me chest
Now they jumping out cooling spring clean
Bitch niggas actin like they ain't been prine
That they ain't been seen and puttin on some 16's
Since MW 10 days the big shows , the big screens
Y'all cool me up in guns shots with big league
Try tell pick up snakes but them niggas bit me
I came and put it on, Lord a nigga behave
Only human with rootin he went nr.1 with heat wave
Had to bigga Willy cause that nigga made me see cake
Racks on racks felt like it was my B day
I knew them DJ's had a few days
When cast and the rave came and had that show replay
This year I went too hard, how can I sleep man
I been broke and nobody got time for tea break
Kept my distance from some niggas 'cause haters contagious
I thought they would've stopped now they hatin for ages
If I would've blown out they be waitin for ages
But our perspective's different from when somebody made it
You ain't made it 'cause you're on TV and radio playlist
In the UK I ain't made it till I blew on jaden
And trust me, the arch is possible
My persistence don't know about that what's impossible
If you took it back and my nigga ye I got it though
Headline sport but 2 chicks sound fuckable
Don't even call her on me that's one thing you wanna do
You can't cock block me and you ain't cock blockable
But on a different note, you amaze me
Chop behind my back but then you swoll up in my face
Everybody knows that shit's fake G
Fuck a niggas name that don't intimidate me
Me and you don't grime we ain't the same G
You might grime but I grime insanely
You might do it one crime feds know your name
I done the same but they don't know who's in a better place G
I tell my lil bro you gotta use your brain G
And every single fruit you eat don't be tasted
And the sun won't shine every day G
So just be prepared for when it's raining
I sent for him but where did I get him
Focus in your career and just make money brethren
Sleep uncharted and even breathin
But that's a big achievement when you're coming from where I am
South west boys making something out of nothing
After we done, stay scheming young and start buzzing
Cash crap calling on our young and I was happy for 'em
Found my be ahead and if I wasn't
You can recognize me from 10 miles away
Death is unexpected I could be like 10 miles away
I ain't gonna sleep I swear to God I'm gonna grind today
I just signed a deal with Universal by the way
Team tastic maybe
We're forever winnin
I earned every single penny none of them was given
Never wanted to hear but now they will have to listen
Pick up my supporters that held me down from the beginning