Letra de Break-Away
the loud mornin' in the small town cries

you gotta get away

and someone's throwin' in the prize

they don't wanna stay

the streets are quiet like the stars

moonlight puts on a chill

you gotta get yourself outta here

you always say you will... ha!

oh,black rider feels alright

oh,Persian dreams China white

where you gonna go tonight

you gotta breakaway (break-away)

well you gotta breakaway

well people move between themselves

without on purpose touching

always nearly dark and frantic

in the corner people clutching

the dance-o-rama it burns, it stings

hiding screams of passion

the nightwatch city it melts away

oh keepin' up with fashion

oh, black rider feels alright

oh, persian dreams China white

oo, where you gonna stay tonight

you gotta breakaway

you gotta breakaway

oh black rider feels alright

come on chase the dragon

time is tight (X20)

time is tight

you gotta breakaway


oh time is tight


time is so tight

you gotta breakaway

you gotta breakaway