Letra de Blue Tip
You'll believe in anything, they tell you how to think
A simple dance a circle in the raging roller rink
A trading in the alley, booking up a storm
Forget about reality 'cause nothing meets the norm (I'm not really sure about this verse)

So what can you do, you say?
They owe me a few, yeah
Blue tip me a cue, yeah

You got that look on your face
You'd like to be in the race
You cannot hide your disgrace
You leave without a trace

? black and white TV, stroking all the gun heads into the ninth degree
You hear the screamers coming they clamor in disguise
You think that you'd be running to the other side


Chorus (last line replaced with "can't fill an empty space")

You stupefy the thinkers
You harden all the flakes (?)
And all the things you think are true
Only mystify the fakes

Well keep your hat on backwards
And keep your lips tucked in
The world is full of quackers and bellybutton rings
I know you'd like to be immune to the things they say
You're hung up on your heroes and upon the beast you pray


Chorus X2