Letra de Disbanded
Woke up this morning to an alarm clock revolution
Last minute stay of execution due to a little snoozing
Solid solution forming in my mind to separate the ways out
Into some kind of binomial distribution

Told myself this ain't that hard, gotta illuminate the feeling
That there're these black and white boundaries lining my combat ceiling
But the built-in greyness is a little too standard
And I don't know how to be any blander
Than a call every night before bed to say "I'm alright, how about you?"

Tip the scales,
You were counting 1 2 3
But it's not over 'til the day I say it's over
I've got some minimal amount of control
And I'm exercising it

Well if I knew I'd be the one to counter all of your fits
I'd never have cast the die so quickly
Cause city walls are so hard to rebuild ground up
And last summer was the optimal situation
There's no living up to it now
I was caught red handed and you disbanded all you couldn't sell

My heart twice lined with lead to keep out the prying eyes
And makeshift lies tumbling out your head
Cause X-ray seeing don't add nothing to your being
Cuts it out instead
When you look a little deeper
You know you're gonna fear her
Every time you're near her, gonna turn a deeper shade of red