Secret since '99 Letra

The Carrots

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Letra de Secret since '99
Don't just sit there, looking at me.
You been moping baby, what can it be?
You should know that I love you,
you're the boy I dream of.
Oh it ain't hard to see.

You almost got married,
but it's been a long time.
Waited seven long years for you to be fine.
Been keeping it a secret since '99.
You better pick yourself up.

Why don't you tell him
you'll be moving on.
You must be crazy
to keep holding on.
His heart is broken.
That's how it's gonna stay.
It's time to say good bye
and be on your way.

I can't tell him no.
no no no no no no no no no no
Couldn't tell you why.
why why why
Cuz I love him yeah.