Red Beard Rides Again Letra

Carrion Spring

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Letra de Red Beard Rides Again
Rustled from his slumber with bloodshot eyes
to the whir of vengeance
and human sty.
It tears apart the capillary of this town and a home
his will, exhausted and his regrets in toe
His soiled fingers seek the source of this festered sore.

Crush the earth pave the way
Twist her limbs into planks
build them prisons of vinyl and slate
herd them, sheer them, sell them, and reap them.
He left them.

Let go. Let all this fade
into the distance behind you
Leave all the rest to take the blame

i watch his fury unfold with every inch he treads along
the roads. town after town, and time after time
he's failed to find a home. And it sets in
the shards of hope that have worn him down
The children, the vandals have no remorse for him.

As he cowers all alone, he never saw it come
and crush his skull into the stone. Rest his soul
within an aspalt tomb.
unrested soul
for the relic shall ride on.