Above The Crippled Earth Letra

Carrier Flux

In Waste

Letra de Above The Crippled Earth
Forget the shell, liberate the will
Let the body fold, and die with their own
And I have no eyes, no soul left to hide
We drop the vice, embrace lightless rise

Come inside, those of the same mind
I rise above the crippled earth
Armed with spite we take our own lives
Give light, bring down this tyranny, life

Drawing blackened passion
From the void that was our past
Breathing hard with nervous right
We challenge the will nervous right

The flames will come down
Bring the light from all around
And rise, will the freedom souls
To spite the torrent life that keeps us down

I rise above the crippled earth
Behind the flames of human worth
Now I've chosen the snapneck path

I have, I have gone
They seem to be free
I am, I am far beyond
They seem at home to me