Letra de You'd Think By Now
It isn't fair, it isn't right.
I've gone over and over the scenes in my head,
Laid here awake half of the night.
No it isn't good, and I can't let go.
I've been something or someone I hurt,
In some other life somewhere long ago.
Chorus: I don't know how I started down this tailspin.
Why one more time I just did not see it coming.
And you'd think by now,
I'd have figured out the pattern.
I shook my fists I've left too soon.
The soft wounded animal inside of me
Stood up on its hind legs and howled at the moon,
Anger rises in a violet storm,
And when I am wisest lay down beside it
And hum in it's ear until it gets quiet,
No it isn't fair, it isn't' right,
I've wished on a million or billion bright stars,
Prayed like the devil with all of my might.
And somebody said, "What's really true.
Yeah all of this stuff is different I know.
But what is in common has always been you."
I'm starting to see and the heavens are starry.
And if I'm not too proud I'll learn to say I'm sorry.
You'd think by now I'd have figured out the pattern.