Letra de Don't Push Send
This is a story a very sad tale
Of intrigue and romance and electronic mail
A dangerous form of information, and the perils of instant gratification
How many times did I hit my Mac want to crawl inside and take the whole thing back
But its no use say it again and again
Don't push send
Carol wrote about her job's frustrations
What drove her crazy with aggravation
A list of every person's faults,
Precise and pithy, wry insults
She sent it off to her best friend
But saw with horror as she pushed send
She hit the keys and began to roar
She'd she'd copied the entire office floor
Chorus: Don't push send
Don't push send
There are things that you just can amend
I tell myself again and again
Don't push send
Katherine wrote a note to her husband Ben
Using their pet names and vowing devotion
She said meet me at home in a little while
I'll be there waiting, wearing nothing but a smile
But then she goes her answer from his great granddad lee. Saying
" I don't think that this was meant for me" It was nice, but I'll forward it to my great grandson, it's been
years since anybody called me sugar buns.”
The day was tough the week had really been somethin'
Jane got a message that pushed her buttons
She shot back as if her words were guns
Capitalizing every single one
She should have waited she should know
E-mail doesn't mix with merlot
She had to write back as you could guess
Plead e-mail recklessness and PMS
Just stop and think when I'm on the brink
Walk away from your computer
Cause you can bet I' will regret
And feel like such a loser
After opposing counsel acted like jerks
Joe got a letter from his law partner at work
He meant to make a changes, cut and paste
But sent it off in his efficient haste
He tried to delete, he tried to stop the note
But the letter had flown and that was all she wrote
The message was polite with professional class
But the subject line still said "what a ass"