A Light In The Window Letra

Carrie Newcomer

A Permeable Life

Letra de A Light In The Window
Looking out at the night, the only driver's wheel
Curving hips made of snow in the withered fields
There's a house up way back where the lamp light glows
Left a star out in the cold for the people I'll never know

Who left the light, left the light in the window?

What would I change if the choice were mine?
I was doing the best I knew at the time
And every door and was opened and door that closed
All the things that made me glow, set me off down another road

Out to look for a light, for a light in the window

Now the old has already passed away
But the new is too new to be born today
So I'm throwing out seeds on the winter snow
As the cold wind begins to blow
Standing here on a new threshold

I can see a warm dim light in the window
And the world is a little storm
And the world is a little close
And the world is a little light
And it's moving very fast

I pass from mystery to mystery, so I won't lie
I don't what happens when people die
But I hope that I see you walking slow
Smiling wide as the sunlight grows
Drop my map with a thousand folds
In the distance I see a glow

There's a light, there' s a light, there's a light
In the window