Eugene And Diane Letra

Carrie Hassler

The Distance

Letra de Eugene And Diane
Eugene was tired of the smoky bars,
And marriage to his ol' guitar
He met Diane and thought she’d change his luck
But she was high society, fancy cars and diamond rings.

He started feeling love was not enough.
So he never told her how he really felt
He just drifted off and kept it to himself.
He never looked fell down on his knees
Said girl won’t you marry me,
'Cause it's with you that I long to grow old.
But he never told her.

Diane was big on the social scene
She had the best of store bought dreams
But he offered something she’d never had before.
Still she could never quite let go

Eugene was just a rung below on the ladder
Of what she thought mattered most.
She never told him, how she really felt.
She just wrote it in a journal to herself.
She never looked him in the eyes, swallowed every ounce of pride
Said all I need is a little band of gold.
But she never told him.

Eugene sailed to Nashville and a loners life he lived
Diane raised a daughter with some millionaire she wed
They both lived and died regretting,
All the things they never said
But he never told her, she never told him.
That they never felt that way again.
Now some words her daughter read and some pictures neath his bed
Tell the story of a love that should’ve been.
But he never told her and she never told him.