Letra de Spring Fever
The days are getting longer, Spring-time?s here to stay. Fresh buds pushing throw the snow, the ice melting away. It?s been a long, lonely winter for me, frozen in agony When I first met you I was no more than a child, occupied with children?s games fantasy running wild. You pick me up and you turn me around. Turn my heart inside out, turned my world upside down. Must be a reason for the symptoms I?m experiencing. I feel like I?m coming down with the flu. Maybe it?s the heat wave that makes me feel this way, or maybe it?s the summer?s breeze that causes me to sway. Whenever we meet, I feel weak at the knees. Tongue-tied, my mouth goes dry, this is one strange disease. Must be a reason for the phases that I?m going through, feel like a flower that?s ready to bloom. It?s already June, birds fill the air with their tune When I woke up this morning I felt the whole weight of the world on my chest. So much inside that I long to express. The light of the moon on your white summer dress Is this what caused Alfred Prufrock to digress? One smile from you puts my heart in a whirl, spring fever?s feverish chill, I?m falling for a girl! Must be a reason for the smile of the summer moon, I feel like someone will come my way soon. It?s already June, and still I am waiting for you. It?s already June, and still I am waiting. It?s already June, waiting for you But what more can I do? My sun rises and sets with you. When you?re not here I?m adrift on the ocean blue. Already June. All the flowers in bloom. Filled with nature?s perfume It must be love.