Requiem For 2001 Letra


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Letra de Requiem For 2001
Small blue world Spinning around in space Some patches of green Floating on the surface Of a molten, liquid core Under a blistering sun On this island of life A race of humans Are poisoning themselves And killing one another As they celebrate the new millennium Requiem for year 2001 Violence erupts Across the Holy Land Temples destroyed By fanatic Muslim clerics As the forces of intolerance prevail Famine and disease Ravaging Africa Markets collapse After years of speculation-driven Growth fueled by blind greed And bold-faced lies Requiem for year 2001 It was one hell of a way To usher in the start of a new millennium And if you?re looking for salvation A peaceful brotherhood of man An end to man?s infatuation With violent schemes and war-like plans And age of moral elevation You?d better wake up while you can! ?Cause you were deep in slumber On the day the walls came tumbling down