Letra de Rea
Walk up and down all these big empty streets, it?s a big town, to be on my own. All the people I greet wear a stern frown. It?s on hard days like this when I would be remiss to ignore what you say. I know you love me best when I?m put to the test and you won?t let me go astray. Rea, Rea you shower me in the warm gentle rain of your love. Wake up here in the dead of the night in a cold sweat. I?m living alone. I revisit the pictures in my head I see a sad lonely man with his head in his hand And you?re sitting there by his side. From the moment I heard your encouraging words my terror starts to subside You give me strength to remain in this world. The meaning of life in the smile a girl. Every time I myself do despise, I imagine myself as seen through your eyes. We live in a mad world. Hatred and anger abound, it?s a wonder I found such a glad girl to open my eyes to the love all around. If I?m feeling weary I think of her and all my sorrow fades away. You are the bright shining light of my life, dispersing the clouds and abating the strife. Whenever I think about ending it all I just pick up the phone and I give you a call. Rea.