Letra de Open Your Eyes
You and me Victims of our democracy Free to chose From indistinguishable views Battles waged Every four years elections staged On the wings The power brokers pull the strings Open your eyes! I found out What right-wing coups are all about Who needs tanks When you?ve got money in the band Village fool Spokesperson for the money pool Stole the show I never thought they?d stoop so low Open your eyes I don?t trust politicians ?Cause their job is to lie You don?t need to be truthful Just a good alibi Serving up your excuses Like it?s hot apple pie They say driving for oil In a natural reserve Is environment friendly But it?s clearly absurd To some the Valdez disaster Has a certain allure! Just what the hell was James Baker Doing in Florida! Former high state officials Popping up in Tampa The whole system?s been hijacked So you?d better wake up! Eisenhower Warned in his final address that our Military Was allied with big industry Star war plans And big ticket weapons programs Enrich the same Merchants of death who armed Hussein Open your eyes!