Letra de Nine Eleven
Late summer day Here in the city of the free People on their way to work In the land of liberty Children back at school After the summer holiday Ten million individuals Living here in peace Fireball Flaming debris and broken glass The ground shakes from the impact As we all watch quite aghast The airplane explode Upon collision in mid-air A hundred airborne passengers Perish in the blaze While terrified spectators Stare on through the haze I watched them waving From the upper floors I saw them clinging on for their lives I watched the rescue workers Rush indoors Brothers and sisters, husbands wives To the ones Who carried out this sinful plan For murdering the innocent Your soul?s forever damned In the name of vengeance You ignored God?s first command It?s a tragic commentary On the desperate state of things When suicide maniacs Will kill to get their wings I watched them jumping From the upper floors I saw them falling One by one I watched the rescue workers Crushed under floors Brothers and sisters every one I watched it all on my television I watched it all on CNN.