Letra de Love Train
Well my girl don?t cook no dinner so I?m lookin? kind of thinner, but it?s all right. The same goes for the laundry, you can smell the shirt that?s on me, but it?s all right. So I never look my best and my hair?s always a mess, I say it?s all right. My baby takes me shopping to buy her silken stockings for the big night. She?s just been promoted head conductor ?cause she?s noted for her oversight. And when we get back to the station she excels at her vocation calling ?all aboard the love train tonight!? Won?t see her touch an oven pan or wash a window pane, but when it comes to lovin?, man, you know I can?t complain about my love train mama. You?ve got me riding on your midnight, lovin? express. I?m talkin? ?bout my love train mama, Your favorite passenger is all undressed and awaiting your caress, yeah! The train leaves at eleven and it goes all night till seven So there?s still a long ways to go. If the locomotive?s chuggin? then the two of us are lovin? ?til the morning whistle blows. As we approach our destination she cries out at every station, calling ?all aboard the love train tonite!? It doesn?t matter if you travel first or second class, don?t need to buy no ticket ?cause I?ve got a lifelong pass upon the love train mama. You are the one who stokes the flames of my desire. Love train mama, the windows steaming up, my body aches and I?m starting to perspire. Love train mama, the way you run your shift?s a wonder to behold. Love train mama, the pressure?s building up so stop the train ?cause I?m ready to unload. Love train mama, you?ve got me riding on your midnight, lovin? express. Love train mama, to the advantages of all night lovin? by train I can attest. Love train mama, you?ve got me waiting for that knock upon my door, I?m waiting for my love train mama, to take me places, foreign spaces where I?ve never been before.