Letra de Driven By Greed
There was an automotive manufacturer Who ran out of new models to unveil Handed out the pink slips to the shop workers Said otherwise the company would fail You say it can?t happen to you I respectfully disagree Just look at all those people There in old Detroit Victims of a rustbelt industry. ?Cause they?re not Driven by passion They?re driven by greed. Those executives annoy me Who start laying off employees The very second sales are not so brisk It doesn?t matter how you optimize shareholder value So long as your share options aren?t at risk Ask me not for whom the bell tolls I?m telling you it tolls for thee In this day of poison pills and golden parachutes Who cares about a mothballed factory ?Cause they?re not . . . In this day and age of global capital Whose opponents are protesting in the mall If left up to the salaried men at M&A No wage earners would be employed at all! Adam Smith could not have foreseen This invisible sleight of hand This corporate obsession with the bottom line Can only bring disaster to this land