Letra de A Thousand Suns
Bare witness to the epiphany, sparkling moment of clarity, when all the illusions misleading me fall away. Events of the past pressing on my mind Seeking self-redemption but it?s hard to find. Feeling ashamed for things I?ve done, taking the blame for having fun, feeling estranged from everyone. So welcome to my epiphany, such moments of truth are a rarity, when all the illusions deceiving me fade away. Live. Be kind to yourself. Give some time to yourself. The bad times are behind you, so learn to seize the day. Freed from the chains that bind you, so let life lead the way. Celebrate your epiphany, blind man open your eyes and see. Rejoice in all your humanity. We?re born to die, so live to love, and learn to rise above the fray of yesterday. A thousand suns revealed to me on this moment of epiphany