Letra de The Telling
The race is in need as judgement unfolds
Our time has come near
The war shall be born
Walking in chaos allegiance come forth
Territories we see are seeming to fall

Celebrate the new way of thought
Killing machines to the court
Faith lies in sins as sinners we're born
Taking our crown our secrets service moulds

The coming - of futures unfortold
The telling - that Christian life's no more
The waiting - for Christ to grow horns
Intelligent beings reach for your swords

For what you can believe Christianity takes away
Save your energy, save your energy
For a better day
They will see our gods, god shall they see
Reaping at their being feeding the seas
With their minds

We shall be aligned, the book known to me
Will fade away, reverence to those who care
Who care for their mind

Children we see are taken
By the hand, also from behind
Given the gift, the gift of life
To sin our minds