The Abyss's Mystic Haze Letra

Carpe Tenebrum

Mirrored Hate Painting

Letra de The Abyss's Mystic Haze
The ocean reaps with nothingless pain,
for foreign godless pass my entity sees another pray,
swirless of desolate concealment rides the waves,
where fantasies curl in the abyss's mystic maze.

Casting the signs I may, in triangular concepts I reign,
though my watcher holds the path I made.
Freaking with this orders being,
come slither through the maze.

In bewildered minds their game is played,
to see their minds so soared and mamned
and left wondering in a scripture maze of lies,
the serpent strides pass their paths to machines,
surping young watching minds through a field of chaos

Smiles coded as if entwined chemicaly through maingers away,
confession you say? say the prayers and slither away
to the little whores hidden far more than egnored,
so your faith lies behind someone elses door?

Just to ponder a while, through creations divined secret chime,
to see evils dogmas created for order, that your evil godhead so
deicvingly forseen, that thou are of primative being of flowing orgasmic
dreams. Guilt the only means in societies twisted ordered scream.