Mirrored In Scarry Skies Letra

Carpe Tenebrum

Mirrored Hate Painting

Letra de Mirrored In Scarry Skies
Dimensions of entities between the light perceived,
A gazing maze in creations plane, the mirrored sea unleashed,
Chaos divine with evil behind, a serpents mind crystallised,
Caressing the shadows with mind dancing signs,
Scattering through realms in fearful disguise.

For the feather is mine, astral chimes divine,
Kissing with reaper smiles, signs obey,
The infinite abyss mirrored in scarry skies,
The entity between creates the maze.

The maze of gaze through spectral coming age,
Spiritual divinity the watcher grows afraid,
A plane of sexual chemical diversions,
Perversions mirrored and mamned.

A flowing field, surrounded withering fate,
Disharmony breeds in splendour, of hate adventures,
coiled in semen creations of dream state demination,
I poison the foundation of order and procriation.

Deceiving the believers creates another gaze,
To cry, to die, try and hide this maze,
Believing the deceivers portrays their sickened race,
perceiving through dimensions of mirrored time and space.