Letra de To See Your Name
Weakeners of our time sinners of our mind
We will segregate our own source of time
Satan's on the way weak man's only pride
We suffer today to save our own mind

Reverence - waiting for the vein
Sanctity - waiting for vein

Reaping across the plains
Burning the book of lies
Deep behind the lines
A black book of disguise

Come down to me appear by the light
We cannot fear
Bow down for me, I will grant powers
To set you free

We stand here in own place
Waiting for the night to seal our fate
The reaping of the stage is in our game
Hunting you down we will see our name

Why we breed, why we see
To see your name

The secret to life is in our brains
Just to find the keys to the maze
Hunting for the being we all so hate
Sinning our sins we will see our name