Letra de Underworld
I'm coming to your kingdom my lord,
Standing naked in front of you.
Crawling to your legs,
Waiting for your castigation....

There's no sun, even moon,
There's no stars in the sky,
But the stink of the doom
And the voice's calling: Fly!

[Ref. 1:]
Your eyes are in my brain,
Your voice is sighing in a darkness...
Still in my head, still in my blood!

There's not something catch,
There's only blood on the wall,
Bath sides having hard match,
And voice's calling: Fall!

There's no lifes in the water,
There's no wishes in your mind,
For Devil Angel is'nt wonder,
And voice's calling: Die!

[Ref. 2:]
No chance to escape,
But die horrible pain.
Rivers of tears are flowing this earth,
No one sings, but your sword, my master!

It's hopeless the call the God,
He won't hear you,
He's not alive anymore,
Lord martyred him!